The outcome of our project will be a cross-platform library supporting generation, management, serialization, and validation of Data Provenance independent of specific repository or document types.

This Provenance Toolset will serve as a component of health systems, acting as a plug-in or independent service to handle management of provenance on behalf of other system components.

This de-coupled approach, facilitated by a simple API to enable schema-specific expansion, will give varied data services access to provenance generation and validation without requiring those services to handle such operations themselves.

In developing a cross-platform Data Provenance Toolset, the baseline for our data model will be the FHIR Provenance resource. This provides a strong starting point for provenance documents, which can then be adapted/expanded to meet the needs of other documents standards.

Such data elements can be manually or programmatically populated to support conformance, as well as interacting with cooperative APIs to retrieve information (such as specific individual or location information) from a remote repository.

A final key element of Provenance is the digital signature, vital for ensuring integrity of the provenance and to attest to the party responsible for provenance generation. The Toolset will enable automated generation of such signatures using key-pairs owned by the generating part.

Major FHIR Provenance data elements include: Period of activity, Provenance timestamp, Relevant location, Event/activity type and Actors involved.

To find out more about our Data Provenance toolkit contact:

Timothy Tyndall – Executive Director – RAIN Live Oak – timothy@rain.org

Ayami Tyndall – Network Systems Director – RAIN Live Oak – ayami@rain.org

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