Data Provenance & FHIR Directories

Driving innovation in health technology for over twenty years, RAIN Live Oak Technology delivers robust, dynamic data services to improve care and modernize patient engagement. Add enhanced management to existing repositories and integrate next-generation technology into your software platform
to improve value and seamlessly deliver smarter services.

More than just storing information, RAIN’s technology helps you understand it. Industry leading document repositories and persistent provenance ensure every document remains accessible, actionable and trusted across points of origin and exchange destinations. Map every encounter with exacting precision to improve data longevity & interoperability.

Strengthen your data with these 2 industry leading resources:

* FHIRelate ™

Data repository supporting FHIR interactions for high-integrity medical documents. Achieve interoperability and granular access to diverse data:

• Deliver API access to existing repositories
and custom FHIR-optimized schema
• Search, view, create and edit documents
through powerful API
• Full version retention with automated data
validation supporting JSON & XML

Leverage the power of relational database design to scale for large datasets, replicate across nodes, and support custom data analytics. Use a single database to serve both a FHIR API and custom interfaces for any data model

* Data Provenance Toolkit:

Lightweight, rapid integration toolkit for generating and validating
provenance–rich, cryptographically secure authorship and origin tracking:

• Store in any repository and exchange with
partners using any vendor
• Generate provenance for multiple document
types: CCD, FHIR, HL7, etc.
• Input via universal API or directly with the
underlying model.

Secure documents and improve trust with portable provenance backed by private key encryption, guaranteeing data integrity and ownership. Use as a plug-in for existing systems to rapidly support provenance creation and display. Leverage RAIN Live Oak’s technology to enrich your data and smooth integration of diverse information sources. Modular components work alongside existing infrastructure, delivering new services and minimizing re-development. Use FHIRelate to deploy a robust data access interface or rapidly stand up a modern repository, and integrate Data Provenance to include robust, verifiable metadata in every
document. Consume provenance from any source and give meaningful feedback to users.

Let your health information grow faster, achieve more and deliver smarter results.

Ask us for more information on these two new important tools. They will let you move closer to successful Interoperability than you thought possible. Email us at .

If you are attending HIMSS18 see us in the Interoperability Showcase:

HIMSS Booth #11955, Level 1 Hall G
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